Proud to offer over 30 years of outstanding services and operations.

Since 1989, we have been creatively solving complex and detailed heat treating and brazing applications.


Accurate Brazing is a full service vacuum brazing and heat treating enterprise with 30 years in the business. Over that time, we’ve become adept at heat treating materials that include stainless steel, super alloys, copper, and refractory materials. Unlike competitors, Accurate Brazing has the unique expertise, capacity and equipment to take new programs and get them into production quickly. 

Specialties include end-cover, nozzle and cartridge assemblies for fuel delivery systems.  We also process heat exchangers, tube assemblies, medical implants, consumable welding products, and semiconductor equipment. We braze and/or heat treat various materials including: Stainless steel (300 and 400 series), “Super Alloys” (Inconel, A286, Rene 41, Waspalloy, Hastalloy, etc.), copper, refractory materials (Moly, Titanium, Tungsten and carbon steels).

We have also had great success heating treating A, D and M series tool steels. Vacuum heat treating allows for uniform heating and cooling which minimizes distortion and provides excellent metallurgical properties. 


OUR EQUIPMENT: Greenville,  South Carolina

Brazing and Heat Treating:

  • Seven (7) Abar/Ipsen HR50 Metalmaster, Vacuum Furnaces

    • 52"L x 33"W x 27"H & 3,000 lbs capacity.

    • Argon and Nitrogen Quenching Capability

  • One (1) Turbo Treater, 6-Bar Vacuum Furnaces

    • 52"L x 33"W x 27"H & 3,000 lbs capacity.

    • Argon and Nitrogen Quenching Capability

  • One (1) Turbo Treater, 2-Bar Vacuum Furnaces

    • 80"L x 55"W x 40"H & 7,000 lbs capacity.

  • Argon and Nitrogen Quenching Capability

    • Argon and Nitrogen Quenching Capability

  • Deep Freeze Cabinet for Cryogenic Processing

  • Hydrogen Capability

Assembly and Prep:

  • Multiple Unitek Capacitance Discharge Spot Welders

  • 2 Pneumatic Welders

  • Miller 250 Amp AC/DC TIG Welder

  • L-Tec 300 Amp AC/DC TIG Welder

  • Multiple Glass Bead Blasting Cabinets

  • Pneumatic Filler Material Applicators

  • 6" Diamond Cut-off Saws

Testing and Inspection:

  • Metallurgical Lab

  • Varian Helium Leak Detectors

  • Twin Rockwell Hardness Tester

  • Instron/Wilson Digital Hardness Tester

  • Clark Digital Hardness Tester

  • 30 X Inspection Microscope

  • 40 X Bausch and Lomb Stereo Microscope

  • 10 X Hawkeye Precision Borescopes

Material Handling:

  • Multiple Cargo Vans

  • Four Box Trucks

  • Four Forklifts


our equipment: Manchester, Connecticut

(4) Furnace UNITS:

  • HVF 401-B Vacuum, Backfill 2 bar Argon or Nitrogen atmosphere,

  • Manufacturer – GM Enterprises, Manufacture date November 2010

  • Maximum temperature 2400F, TUS 900-2250 +/-10F, load thermocouples type “N”

  • Work zone size 42”W X 32” H X 52” D, max weight 2500lbs

  • Processes – Brazing (gold, Ni, Silver, Ti/AL, copper), Solution of Inconel and ph materials, Austenitize of 400 SS, Stress relieve of various, solution of several titanium alloys, Age of Inconel and ph alloys, Solution of 200-300 series SS.



furnace A1:

  • Air atmosphere,

  • Manufacturer - JPW Design & Manufacturing, Manufacture date January 2011

  • Maximum temperature 650F, TUS +/-10F, Thermocouples type “N”

  • Work zone size 4’W X 4’ D X 5’ H

  • Processes – Aluminum aging & annealing, steel tempering, low-temperature stress relieve various metals



furnace A2:

  • Air atmosphere,

  • Manufacture - JPW Design & Manufacturing, Manufacture date January 2011

  • Maximum temperature 1200F, TUS +/-10F, Thermocouples type “N”

  • Work zone size 4’W X 4’ D X 4’ H

  • Option of water or glycol quench – quench basket size 41” X 41” X 41”

  • Processes – Aluminum Solutioning, annealing, aging, steel tempering, low-temperature stress relieve various metals, aging of ph materials



Furnace A3:

  • Air atmosphere,

  • Manufacturer – Nobel Furnace and Fire Brick Co, Manufacture date December 2015

  • Maximum temperature 2000F+/-15F, TUS +/-10F up to 1200F, Thermocouples type “N”

  • Work zone size 54”W X 54” D X 40’ H

  • Processes – Annealing, aging, steel tempering, stress relieve various metals, aging of Ph materials.


Connecticut Division Approvals



Pratt & Whitney: PWA 11, PWA36950, PWA19, AMS2664, PWA36951, AMS2670, AMS2671

Rolls Royce Indy: AMS2670, AMS2675, AMS2759/3, AMS2759/4, AMS2759/5, AMS2770, AMS2771, AMS2772, AMS2773, AMS2774, EIS1201, EIS1270, EPS401, EPS416, EPS433, EPS14530, EPS15801, RRES90000

General Electric: AMS2769, S453, AMS2770, AMS2771, AMS2774, AMS2759, AMS-H-6875, P9TF1, P10TF1, M50T1, S405, AMS2801

FAA: Cert # 4BZR889B

AeroJet: Heat treating and brazing

FFL: License #6-06-003-07-7J-02156

NADCAP: Heat Treating & Brazing

NADCAP: Aerospace Quality System (AC7004-AS9100)




NADCAP: Heat Treat (Brazing, Torch Brazing, Sinter, Hardness)  Cert Number # 3093171470

Raytheon: Brazing AWS C3.4,Class B & C and C3.6

GEAE: Heat Treat/Vacuum Furnace Braze - Process Codes BA,BG,BH,CC Supplier Code: T1603

ISO 9001:2015 & AS9100 Rev: D Perry Johnson

Honeywell Aerospace : Heat Treat/Vacuum Furnace Braze

MTU Aero Engines: MTV700

Pratt & Whitney: Vacuum Furnace Braze PWA 85,PWA 36950, PWA 19, AMS 2664 & AMS 2665/ Heat Treat PWA 11- MCL/ LCS approved

Rolls Royce: Sub Tier Supplier/Brazing/Heat Treating/EIS 1201,EIS 1270. EPS 267,EPS 333,EPS 370. RPS 953. EDS 1306/RRES9000 Approval # 98280.

ULA: United Launch Alliance Heat Treating, Hardness Testing, Furnace Brazing

FAA: Cert # ZB5R108I

Safran/Snecma: Special Processes Certification DMP11 Pending