independent HIP study released

Accurate Brazing announces the release of an 8-part, Independent HIP’ing Study authored by Warren Miglietti (PhD). The study shows the benefits of HIP’ing to restore and strengthen mechanical properties of engine run gas turbine components and components produced by Additive Manufacturing.

The study investigates yielding the greatest tensile strength for Iconel 718, Iconel 625, and AlSi10Mg components with HIP’ing. It also examines the use of HIP Rejuvenation to extend the life of FR7FA.02, Stage 1 Buckets; Siemens W501F, Row 2 Blades; Fr7B, 2nd Stage Buckets; and Fr7E, 1st Stage Buckets; as well as HIP improving creep rupture properties of engine run, Fr7FA.03, 1st Stage Buckets..

Download the entire study here: Independent HIP’ing Study